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How are you measuring your quality process today from curb to service?  How long are your customers waiting to be greeted?  With our basic analytics package you will know how long it is taking and how much that is impacting your bottom line.  If your average car sits in line, not moving, for just a minute, how does that impact your business?  What if it is two or three minutes during your busiest hours?

How are you measuring success?

The concept, while often ignored and until now very difficult to track, is simple. If your average car sits for 1 minute without moving before you get it on the conveyor, the best you can expect is a 60 car hour. Two minutes, 30 car hour, and heaven forbid it gets any worse than that.

And those long pauses with no movement have some other effects. Customers feel agitated with slow service, your buying window is closing, and upsell opportunities are drifting away one minute at a time, along with your profits.

And what if the customer is three car lengths back and gets out of their car? Now you have a big problem that is going to cost you customer satisfaction and man hours as your staff moves all of those cars forward.

Services for your car wash!

Now that you have got idea, let us help you measure your quality processes and make sure those cars are moving on to the conveyor, ROLLERS are UP, and profits are coming on strong.

Our full service includes onsite Network Video Recorder with...   

    * 24 hour recording - Live Access via Internet and Smartphone
    * Analytic camera measuring loading area - Camera on finish area
    * Office camera & Waiting area camera - 30 day video review
    * Real time alerts to managers, DM, owner - Weekly auditied reports

Our express service includes one Network camera with...       

    * Analytic camera measuring loading area - 30 day video review
    * Real time alerts to managers, DM, owner - Weekly auditied reports

We also offer License Plate Recognition service including...   

    * One network camera capturing 97% of license plates on conveyor
    * 30 day video review - Database of all plates for 1 year
    * Alerts to managers, DM, owner - Monthly auditied reports

Thank you for your time and consideration!

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